Empower Your Joints: Science-Backed Supplements for Osteoarthritis

April, 02 2024 6 min read
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For effective management of osteoarthritis, there are numerous nutraceutical products1 available in the market combining different types of ingredients. However, it is difficult to choose the best suitable product for your specific needs. Many of these products in the market are not scientifically verified and the combination of their ingredients can be ineffective in managing osteoarthritis.

This is where Antara’s range of four products comes in to cater the specific needs of osteoarthritis patients. Antara’s range of products are backed by scientific evidence and strong clinical research. These products contains scientifically proven ingredients with effective combination and strengths.

Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine Sulphate is a natural ingredient present in our body that plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy joint cartilage2, the cushion-like tissue around our joints. Glucosamine Sulphate has shown promising positive effects in treatment of osteoarthritis in clinical/scientific studies. It has proven to be beneficial to alleviate the symptoms of OA and the structural improvements in the joints.

The Glucosamine products that are available in the market majorly contain forms of Glucosamine other than sulphate which are found less effective in OA. Also, the products that are using glucosamine sulphate does not contain the sufficient amount of 2500 mg, they use lesser amounts which does not provide the desired results. This is where Antara’s “Expert Joint Care: Comfort-G” provides a perfect blend of Glucosamine sulphate along with other essential nutraceuticals like patented extracts of turmeric (CurQLife) and Boswellia (Aflapin). Moreover, the majority of products available in the market are in tablet or capsule form making them difficult to swallow especially for seniors. However, Antara’s product is in powder form which is to be taken a scoop per day for best results and convenience.

Advantages of glucosamine sulphate with scientific evidence:

Multiple clinical studies state that Glucosamine sulphate aids in cartilage formation, tissue that cushions the joints, providing structural support and improving the elasticity of of joints. This helps in improved joint movements, an important aspect for osteoarthritis patients.

Glucosamine sulphate is the most effective form of glucosamine than its other forms like Glucosamine hydrochloride. According to the scientific evidences, the sulphate form poses higher bioavailability over the hydrochloride form, making it more suitable for treatment of OA. Moreover, the sulfur in glucosamine sulphate also promotes the cartilage formation.

The source of Antara’s Glucosamine sulphate is fermented corn which provides an additional benefit of preventing allergies that otherwise cause due to glucosamine obtained from shellfish.

In Antara’s product the strength of Glucosamine sulphate is 2500 mg which is stated suitable for effective management of osteoarthritis.


CurQLife is a patented product containing extract of turmeric which has very high amounts of curcumin. Curcumin is a component of turmeric responsible for all its medicinal benefits.

Advantages of CurQLife with scientific evidence:

Research studies have shown that CurQLife is 48 times more effective and absorbable than regular curcumin/turmeric products since CurQLife contains 95% extract curcumin.

It is established through clinical research that curcumin naturally posses anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties which are essential for OA management

Curcumin also possesses powerful antioxidant properties against free radicals (harmful substances) that prevent the damage to tissue, bones and joints

Turmeric has been used for centuries in ayurveda and has over 8000 scientific publications supporting its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Research demonstrates that combining curcumin with a small amount of piperine from black pepper can increase its absorption by a remarkable 2000%.

Turmeric capsules apiperinend turmeric tablets that are already available in the market have dosing frequency of 2 to 3 times a day. However, with Antara’s all products have dosing frequency of once a day.

Looking at these benefits of advanced form of turmeric (curcumin powder) it is used in two products of Antara with varying strengths, “Expert Joint Care: Comfort” (Capsule form) and “Expert Joint Care: Comfort-G” (Powder form).


Patented extract of Boswellia serrata plant, commonly known as shallaki, Aflapin is a clinically validated extract containing boswellic acid that aids in managing joint pain and inflammation.

Advantages of Aflapin with scientific evidence:

Aflapin stands out as one of the most scientifically proven natural products with pain-relieving properties comparable to conventional painkillers.

Enhanced Absorption: Aflapin is a patented Boswellia extract with 25% better absorption, leading to faster relief of joint pain and inflammation.

Rapid Action: Some studies suggest that significant pain improvement can be experienced as early as after 5 days of usage.

Other nutraceutical products use boswellia extract in its raw form but in Antara’s “Expert Joint Care: Comfort-G” product the patented Aflapin is used which makes it way more effective than other products.


Q-Actin is an extract of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) used for improving joint health in osteoarthritis patients.

Advantages of Q-Actin with scientific evidence:

Clinical research has established that 20mg daily dose is sufficient to improve patient condition significantly.

It is scientifically proven that Q-Actin sourced from select cucumbers has high levels of ido-BR1 contributes to soothing joint discomfort and enhancing flexibility and joint function.

To provide a complete blend of nutraceuticals, Antara has launched Expert Joint Care: Comfort containing CurQLife (curcumin concentrate), Aflapin (Boswellia extract), Q-Actin (Cucumber extract) and pepper (piper nigrum) extract with required amount.

Calcium Citrate Maleate (CCM) 250mg

Calcium is a fundamental mineral for bone health, and calcium citrate is an easily absorbable form that benefits those with calcium absorption issues. There are variety of calcium supplements available in the market in multivitamin capsules and multivitamin tablet form. These nutraceutical supplements come in combination with other ingredients like Vitamin D3, magnesium oxide and Vitamin K as well. However most of these vitamin tablets and vitamin capsules lack an important ingredient named Osteum CPP, derived from milk, is a highly concentrated form of CPP and has been found to be more effective than other forms in enhancing bone health. Osteum CPP improves the absorption of calcium and hence Antara’s newly launched “Expert Joint Care Vitamins” contains all these ingredient in necessary amounts.

Advantages of CCM with scientific evidence:

Clinical studies have shown that Calcium citrate helps retain calcium in the bones, promoting better bone formation and maintaining bone mass.

Moreover, it gets freely absorbed in body which makes it a suitable source of calcium in calcium deficit patients of osteoarthritis

Vitamin D3 600 I.U

Vitamin D3, often known as the sunshine vitamin, plays a vital role in bone health by promoting calcium absorption in the body.

Advantages of Vitamin D3 with scientific evidence:

Research studies have found that Vitamin D3 aids in the maintenance of bone health by reducing degeneration and wear and tear on the bones.

Additionally Vit D3 improves calcium absorption & supports the utilization of calcium in the bones, ensuring their strength and integrity.

Magnesium Oxide 310 mg

Several studies have shown that magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation.

Magnesium is also found to improve muscle strength, promote joint support and mobility.

Clinical studies have shown that low magnesium levels are linked to a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis. Hence, supplementing with magnesium can help reduce joint pain and support joint health.

Vitamin K (MK 4 and MK 7) 27.5 mcg

Vitamin K ensures calcium deposition on the bones instead of other organs or veins near heart, preventing complications. Hence while taking nutritional supplements containing calcium, it is necessary to take Vitamin K as well.

Ostium CPP 87.5 mg

Ostium CPP, derived from milk, is a highly concentrated form of casein phosphopeptides that offers various benefits for bone health:

Enhanced Calcium Absorption: Ostium CPP aids in improving calcium absorption from the gut, ensuring that the body receives the calcium it needs for healthy bones.

Bone Mass Preservation: This crucial ingredient effectively reduces bone mass destruction, making it vital in preventing conditions like osteoporosis and maintaining strong bones.

Collagen Hydrolysate 5mg

Collagen is a vital protein found in our body, and it plays a key role in maintaining healthy cartilage, which acts as a cushion between joints. Collagen has lots of scientifically proven benefits in managing osteoarthritis.

Amino Acid Support: Collagen Hydrolysate provides essential amino acids, the building blocks necessary for the formation of collagen in the body.

Cartilage Structure and Elasticity: By maintaining the structure and elasticity of cartilage, Collagen Hydrolysate contributes to improved joint mobility and stability.

Addressing Joint Pain: Joint pain caused by conditions like arthritis or knee pain can be alleviated through the support and nourishment Collagen Hydrolysate provides to the cartilage ends of bones.

Native (Undenatured) Collagen Type II 40mg: Combating Inflammation

Native Collagen Type II offers specific benefits for joint health, particularly in reducing inflammation and joint pain:

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Studies have shown that Native Collagen Type II generates anti-inflammatory compounds that work to reduce inflammation in the joints.

Significant Pain Reduction: By actively combating inflammation, Native Collagen Type II has been shown to significantly reduce joint pain, improving overall joint comfort.

Hyaluronic Acid 80mg: Lubrication and Nourishment

Hyaluronic acid is a crucial component of the joint's lubricating fluid and provides nourishment to the cartilage

Lubrication: Hyaluronic acid contributes to the lubrication of the joint compartment, reducing friction and allowing for smoother joint movement.

Cartilage Nourishment: By nourishing the cartilage, cushioning at the joints, Hyaluronic acid supports their regeneration and overall joint health.

In Antara’s “Expert Joint Care Advanced” product you get a perfect blend of these three ingredients and the Native collagen type II is a patented form of undenatured collagen which is more effective than any other form of collagen. Moreover, majority of collagen supplements in the market are available in capsule form and their dosing frequency is higher. Anatara’s “Expert Joint Care: Advanced” comes in collagen powder form making it easy to consume once daily.


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