Comfort Meets Performance: Discovering the Magic of ProFit and ProSix Knee Sleeves

April, 02 2024 4 min read
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Knee sleeves have long been a staple in the world of sports and fitness, offering support, protection, and enhanced performance to athletes and individuals recovering from injuries alike. In recent years, the landscape of knee sleeves has seen a remarkable transformation through the introduction of innovative fabrics that take comfort, durability, and functionality.

Introducing two ground-breaking technologies being used to make knee braces and sleeves for arthritis: ProFit and ProSix fabric. The science and technology underlying these cutting-edge materials are examined in this article, along with their special qualities and advantages in the field of rehabilitation1.

Let’s look into qualities of ProFit Fabric

Skin-like comfort and precision fit

A two-layered fabric is used to make the ProFit knee brace undersleeve, which fits your body like a glove and feels like "second skin" on you.

The material used to create the outer layer is spandex, which is renowned for having outstanding compression qualities.

This also lessens muscle vibrations and lowers your chance of injury when engaging in physical activity and reduces knee pain.

Extend in all directions for unrestricted motion

Unrestricted movement is important for daily activities and anyone recovering from an injury.

You may move freely and comfortably since ProFit fabric is designed to be stretchy in all directions.

The knee sleeve will move with you while you run, jump, or other rehabilitation activities, offering continuous support and stability.

Construction that is Skin-Friendly and Breathable

Microfiber, cotton, and elastane are used to make the interior layer of the ProFit knee brace undersleeve2.

This mixture produces a gentle and skin-friendly texture that guards against skin irritations and abrasions3 during prolonged wear.

Additionally, the cutting-edge design encourages ventilation and air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable even during vigorous exercise.

Patella support and anatomical shape

The anatomically correct shape of the ProFit knee brace undersleeve ensures that it will completely fit the curves of your knee.

The support and stabilization it offers are more effective because of the tailored fit.

The undersleeve also features patella support, which strengthens the joint and helps keep it in the right alignment when moving.

Now let’s take a look into the qualities of ProSix fabric

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement:

The use of carbon fibers in ProSix fabric is one of its most remarkable characteristics.

Because of their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fibers are both very strong and light.

They maximize stability and support for the wounded area when incorporated into medical braces and supports, without adding extra bulk or discomfort.

Range of Motion Adjustment:

ProSix fabric features a unique drop lock mechanism that enables precise range of motion (ROM) adjustments.

The fabric makes gradual rehabilitation easier and guarantees that the joint or injured area receives the best degree of support at each stage of recovery by allowing modifications in 15° increments.

X-Shaped Splint System:

The ProSix fabric's X-shaped splint system fits snugly and precisely stabilizes the injured joint by following the curves of the body.

This innovative design aids in preserving proper anatomical posture and guards against any possible misalignment4 throughout the healing process.

Antimycotic and Breathable Support:

Support that is both antimycotic5 and breathable is crucial for those who are recuperating from wounds because it prevents infections.

This issue is addressed with the anatomic patella support consisting of foam with antimycotic qualities in ProSix fabric.

Additionally, the interior perforations6 of the cloth allow for skin ventilation, lowering the risk of overheating and skin irritations.

Whether you're living with knee pains or someone seeking comfort and support, the ProFit and ProSix fabrics are leading the charge toward a new era of knee sleeve innovation. Experience maximum comfort and top-quality knee braces and sleeves with AGEasy by Antara, a brand focused on seniors' needs. Crafted with precision, our ProFit and ProSix Knee Sleeves are the result of advanced engineering and years of expertise. From ergonomic design to tailored compression, these sleeves offer a snug fit that promotes stability and joint comfort.

With our ProFit and ProSix Knee Sleeves, you're taking a step towards maintaining your knee health and enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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1 - Rehabilitation: Recover from an injury or illness and regain their strength and abilities

2 - Undersleeve: A type of sleeve worn underneath something else, like a knee brace, to provide additional support and comfort

3 - Abrasion: A scrape or scratch on the skin's surface caused by rubbing against something rough

4 - Misalignment: When something is not in its proper or correct position

5 - Antimycotic: A substance, treatment or a fabric that helps prevent or treat fungal infections

6 - Perforation: Small holes or openings in a material to allow air circulation and reduce overheating