7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Hearing Machine

July, 02 2024 1 min read
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You might not be alone in feeling discomfort while hearing optimally. There are a huge number of people who face difficulty in hearing due to long exposure to loud music, earbuds application for a longer period, and sometimes even neurological issues. It becomes unimaginable for anyone to communicate with improper hearing.

To provide aid and comfort in need at this hour, opting for a suitable hearing machine is your go-to savior. But, choosing an ear hearing machine for you can become quite tricky. There is a huge pool of variety with different specifications, sizes, colors, etc., which can create confusion and make the machine-choosing process even more tedious.

At AGEasy by Antara, with our team of experts, we have shed light on those 7 most important factors that you must consider while buying a perfect pair of hearing aids. Before making a lifetime commitment and a huge investment, you need to be sure of the choice you make.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Hearing Machine

  1. Directionality
  2. Noise Reduction
  3. Feedback
  4. Programmability
  5. Wireless Connectivity
  6. Synchronization
  7. Style
  8. Some Special Features (Bonus Point)


You will find a variety of 3 different hearing machines available namely, adaptive, fixed, and dynamic. Your doctor might have recommended an ear hearing machine with more than one microphone as it overall improves the sound you hear.

  • Adaptive- Adaptive directionality helps you notice those who are speaking around you and concentrate on the source of the voice.
  • Fixed- The sound that is directly coming from in front of you is caught by fixed directional devices.
  • Directional- Programming for dynamic directionality switches automatically between listening in all directions and focusing on one specific direction when needed.

Noise Reduction

Look for a hearing machine for old people that has built-in noise reduction programming. A microprocessor that can differentiate between high-frequency sounds, like speech, and low-frequency noises, like background noise, is in control of monitoring noise reduction. Speech is given priority by the onboard computer, which also mutes unwanted noises. Some hearing aids perform better in this criteria than others.


Feedback occurs anytime microphones are set up close to speakers. These are the sounds you may hear, squeals and whistles. Since feedback control greatly improves the comfort of wearing hearing aids, it is crucial. All modern earpieces include feedback control, albeit some are significantly superior to others.


It won’t be justice to say that an earpiece simply amplifies the sound near you. These little tools are an impeccable piece of technology. They are developed in such a manner that aids your hearing in a wide category of situations. There can be instances when the hearing aid is even pre-programmed as per your choice to use in different circumstances like while out shopping versus sitting at home.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth and other streaming technologies are among the latest innovations in hearing aids. This implies that you can wirelessly connect your hearing aids to computers, TVs, and cell phones. Other benefits of streaming technology include the ability to regulate volume remotely through smartphone apps. Prospective benefits like remote help and troubleshooting become possible as a result of this.


If a person wears two hearing aids, they can be designed to work in combination. This means that any changes made to one piece, such as volume control or program modifications will also automatically affect the other piece, making control easier.


You can find hearing aids in different shapes and sizes. It may even surprise you how miniscule and small some pieces can be. Not every earpiece style is going to suit everyone. It all depends on your type of hearing loss and even the shape of your ears and ear canal.

Some Special Features

It is a prevalent misbelief that hearing machines merely raise the level of surrounding noises. In actuality, different types provide specific advantages. For instance, they might be able to boost frequencies that you find difficult to hear.

Few special features that you must take into consideration while buying a hearing machine online or offline:

  • Extent of visibility- While certain devices are practically invisible, others may be easier to spot.
  • Battery of rechargeability- Rechargeable batteries are a better option for hearing aids than single-use ones if you're more environmentally conscious.
  • Ease- Wearing different devices can have different experiences. To find what fits you best, think about experimenting with a variety of styles,

Overall, whether you purchase a hearing machine online or offline, you must not be hasty in making the decision. It is a device to provide you comfort with your hearing issues. Our team at AGEasy by Antara has specifically curated this explanatory blog piece so that you make a wise call. We are focused on providing you with the best hearing aids with hands-down care and utmost precision with varying designs, technology, and specifications. You can choose the one that resonates best with your requirements.